Hospital Systems

What are our key strengths?

  • Technologically advanced equipment, which enables the company to refine the quality of its production and make it more competitive.
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  • The high degree of professionalism and specific expertise of our staff enables us to guarantee cutting-edge solutions with a high technical content in each area of work at competitive prices.
  • Experience in the sector, research into design, selection of materials, reliability, finishes, rapid planning and execution times, simple management and, above all, guarantee of the finished product and its accessories.

Services provided

  • Consulting and analytical service attentive to the needs of the final customer and to the European and national standards of the sector, thanks to an entire division to support the Technical Studies of Design.
  • Service of sales as well as consultancy and maintenance regarding all biomedical equipment both wheeled and fixed wall-mounted. The consulting service provides the drafting of appropriate documentation for the qualification of suppliers, based on their quality system and reliability demonstrated in supplies.
  • Item Oxygen makes available procedures that allow the various functions involved (Services and Operating Units of hospitalization, Bursar, Pharmacy) to detect and report non-conformities in the course of supply. This has made it possible to create a "vendor rating" for each supplier..

Involvement of Italian ASLs

  • The process that has led Item Oxygen to provide such services to Local Health Authorities throughout Italy is the result of a complex procedure that has involved the entire company, from the technical offices, to the quality department, to the marketing managers.
  • These procedures have led Item Oxygen to attain a level of competence such as to favor the activity of prevention, evaluating the risks related to the phases of purchase, maintenance, calibration and disposal of biomedical equipment and identifying the times and phases to control them; this allows both the prevention of dangerous situations and their early detection, with the possibility, therefore, to promptly implement preventive and corrective actions.

Medical Gas Systems

Medical Gas Systems
Item Oxygen has been supporting public and private health structures for years in the design, risk analysis, realization and management of medical gas plants, vacuum and anaesthetic gas evacuation.
As foreseen by the Legislative Decree 46/97, implementation of the European Directive 93/42/CE, the centralized systems and devices manufactured and marketed by Item Oxygen are CE certified as Medical Devices.
Item Oxygen has obtained the UNI EN ISO 13485 (ex 46001) certification and the relative approval of the quality system for the CE marking for the planning, realization and marketing of the following Medical Devices:
  • medical gas systems
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  • Endocavitary suction systems (vacuum)
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  • anesthetic gas evacuation systems
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Item Oxygen has also obtained the ISO 9001:2002 certification for the marketing of the following medical devices:
  • Endocavitary suction units (vacuum)
  • .
  • medical air production units
  • .
  • components for distribution systems (reducers, sockets,
  • shut-off valves)
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  • alarm systems
  • anesthetic gas evacuation systems
  • beams and hanging units for operating room
  • accessories for the use of medical gases (flowmeters, humidifiers, vacuum regulators, etc.)
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ItemOxygen Nitrogen Generators
Item Care Analisys

Gas plants for laboratory


Item Oxygen makes available to the users its competence and high experience for the design, realization and testing of technical and pure gas distribution plants. High professionalism and a line of products entirely dedicated to applications in laboratory use guarantee quality and safety, essential parameters for qualified users operating in the field of scientific research. Item Oxygen has a wide range of plant components to satisfy the most varied requirements for the realization of complete distribution lines, from the storage area to the points of use, in order to satisfy the widest and most articulated needs, with ample guarantees for the user.

Bedhead Beams

Bedhead Beams
Item Oxygen, with a long-standing presence in the medical-hospital sector, has designed and manufactured a series of electromedical equipment for bedheads. Built according to the directive of medical devices 93/42/EEC, they gather in themselves different functions such as: direct and indirect lighting, electrical distribution, components for signals, alarms, diagnostics and communication, visual monitoring and distribution of medical gases.
The attention paid to obtaining a correct lighting, the sizing of the single parts and services to be provided and the right combination of the various profiles, all combined with a simple and practical installation and maintenance, make the series a range of products of great interest.
OKI SERIES Intensive Care
Plus ITA
Isola ITA

RISE System

RISE System
The system aims to simplify the procedures for patient access to critical areas and to streamline patient time.
Regional Network of ICUs, NICUs, STEMI and STROKE: The Rise project aims to provide the Health Administration with a system for the governance of the ICU, NICU, STEMI and Stroke networks in order to optimize access and exit processes.

ISS System

ISS System
Item Sanity System allows you to control and comply with regulatory limits for the level of bacteria present in Operating Theatres, Intensive Care Units and inpatient wards.
Item Sanity System is an innovative system of control, management and recording of the correct use of decontaminating chemical products, aimed at reducing the bacterial load within the allowed parameters.*.