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X Congresso Regionale - Card Puglia
X Congresso Regionale - Card Puglia

X Congresso Regionale – Card Puglia

This year the Item Oxygen is pleased to announce its participation as a sponsor company at the Regional Congress Card Puglia.
Reached the tenth edition, Congress Card has the theme in this year: “The pact for health between standard costs, LEA and perceived quality: journey through proposals and innovative experiences.”
The Card Association has the aim to promote, enhance and support the social and health districts in the territorial reality of Puglia and the professional role of managers and all those involved in Social Health District in the Regional Health Service. Card Puglia aims several objectives, including the promotion at regional level of organizational uniform addresses for district facilities, the pursuit of the objectives of quality and efficiency of district intervention, the promotion of initiatives aimed at improving the in the daily exercise of the health care profession.
Item Oxygen will exhibit their products as [email protected] hospital at home, [email protected] e-Care, [email protected] smartmews Mobile. Innovative products, highly performing and full support of the medical staff for the care and treatment of the patient.
The works will be inaugurated Thursday, April 16 at 8:30 am with the Welcome from Authority. The first session will be dedicated to the evaluation of the importance under different points of view (clinical, organizational, economic, etc.) arising from patient care and assistance directly at their home.
The second session of the first day will be at the center of the discussion the role of telemedicine now paramount. Will be presented and discussed the main issues on which they rely the first two major projects of teleservice, teleconsultation and telemonitoring recently undertaken in two important ASL of Puglia: Project Telescopic in ASL Bari and Project TeleHomeCare in ASL Brindisi.
To present the work, objectives and benefits that are expected from the two projects will be Dr. Vito Picca (for Telescope Project) in the report ” Teleservice and Telemonitoring in the management of chronic pulmonary diseases ” Dr. Francesco Galasso, Dr Donato Gallon, Eng Daniel Paladini (for the Project TeleHomeCare) in the report “the Project TeleHomeCare in ASL BR: first experiences on the territory.”
Item Oxygen will be pleased to welcome you at our stand where specialized staff will guide you to the knowledge and demonstration of telemedicine systems of own production.

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